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A bit about Biznify

Michelle Tinyou


I'm Michelle. In my early 20s, I was a typical young adult who dreamed of starting my own business, which included delusions of grandeur. Armed with romanticised thoughts of being my own boss, reporting to no one, and of course, making loads of cash from day one, I surged forward on the road to entrepreneurship. Let's just say that I learned some hard lessons about responsibility, business, and compliance. And that fabulous social life I was going to fund with all that extra cash? It was pretty nonexistent.


But I’m not one to shy away from hard work and determination, and along my path to discovery, I was slowly developing a love for the business world. I loved turning ideas and dreams into something real, seeing plans go from paper to progress, and yes, even experiencing failure at times. The successes were way more fun, but I begrudgingly admit that failures do make one grow as a person, both professionally and personally.

So, what led me to launch Biznify? Well, I had two significant events (the birth of my son and at the same time a business relationship catastrophe) which ultimately led to my small family deciding to leave Sydney and move to beautiful Melbourne. I knew I wanted to share my experience and help other business owners realise their business dreams. I wanted to work with passionate entrepreneurs that are looking for help in bringing growth and profitability to their business. My goal is to take some of the complexity out of bookkeeping by helping my clients manage and understand their financials, put clear processes and procedures in place, and learn to break down their vision into achievable goals. And when all of these pieces fall into place, that is when a business will truly thrive.

The Biznify team is comprised of Registered BAS Agents. That means you can trust us with your compliance. But the real secret? Great bookkeeping. Personal service. And a commitment to excellence. That’s where we stand out from the rest as we help you not just survive, but thrive.

Before the BAS Agent law changed, anyone could call themselves a bookkeeper – and often anyone did! One software course does not an expert make. Bookkeeping is a skill and an art, based on fundamental understanding and application of accounting principles. Business owners have often been hoodwinked by bookkeepers who read a how-to book and then set up shop. And when that unreliable and untrained bookkeeper left the accounts in a state of disaster? Well, then the owner was not only on the hook for the damage done, but had to call in an actual expert to fix the mess. And that equals double the stress, double the time, and of course, double the expense. And there you have it - the financial and emotional cost of using an un-registered bookkeeper can be huge!


Professional Code of Conduct

BAS Agents are under a professional Code of Conduct. The Code covers five categories:





(acting Lawfully)




 (timeliness, insurance and correct administration of laws)

Breaching the Code can result in termination the registration, Civil Penalties and fines up to $137,500. If you are left in a mess, something can

be done about it. 


Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)

ABN Logo Vertical CMYK.jpeg

Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN)


Tax Practitioners Board of Australia

Memberships & Registrations

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