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We give your business the tools to improve & thrive.

The Biznify team is comprised of Registered BAS Agents. You can always trust us with the numbers. But we take it a step further and give you more than a ledger. We give you personality, a long-lasting client relationship, and in general, great bookkeeping.

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Support. Improve. Thrive.

We help business owners to be the very best they can be. If you're the owner of a small, growing business, we'd love to work with you. Contact us today to find out how we can support you as you grow.


Whether you’re a start-up overwhelmed by compliance, reporting, and payroll, or a seasoned business owner looking for ongoing financial support, Biznify has just what your Biz needs to get over any financial roadblock. We offer our clients general and ongoing bookkeeping, data entry, payroll assistance, and of course, support with everyone’s favourite word (compliance). We will also keep you on a friendly basis with the ATO for your BAS, IAS, and other lodgements. 

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This stage sets the stage for success. Without a plan, ideas remain ideas and strategies never get off the ground. This is all about setting up your systems, streamlining your processes, and getting your standard operating procedures in place. When things seem challenging, remember it’s the hard work at the beginning that pays off later! We will also help you gain a more solid understanding of your financials, what they mean for your specific business goals, and how you can optimise success with better financial decisions.

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For those wanting to take their business to the next level (and that may be everyone!), we’ve got you covered. Forward planning is the key to driving your business into a place of profitability and growth. And although budgeting and forecasting may seem like necessary evils, we’ll show you how to develop an affinity for numbers that will have you looking forward to financial day instead of dreading it. And as you grow, we’ll be there every step of the way to mentor you – and applaud you.


You’re not just a survivor. Now you’re a thriver.

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Our Services

Did you know Biznify can help manage your NDIS Plan?

By serving as your dedicated plan manager, we will navigate the complexities of your NDIS plan management and provide personalised guidance in managing your NDIS plan funding. We are here to assist you in receiving optimal compensation and funding support based on your specific plan goals. 

By choosing Biznify as your plan manager, you won’t have to rely on the NDIA to manage the components of your NDIS plan, and you won’t experience the stress involved in self-managing your plan.

What our Customers say

I'm so glad to have found Michelle to help me with BAS lodgements after others had let me down. She is polite, friendly and honest, highly recommended!

Kelly C

We love turning dreams, into something real.

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